Starship 2019

If you have just bought a Starship kit, go all the way down to the Support section to download the assembly manual and control software.

This model is based on actual flight hardware, designed and manufactured by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (a.k.a., SpaceX). It is NOT officially endorsed or licensed by SpaceX. 

Kit description

The ship model is the same as the one showcased on YouTube ( except for a few improvements

  • The upper halve of the hull is printed in Silk Silver PLA. This gives a shiny steel-like aspect, which look way better than in the YouTube video.
  • The lattice of the front window is black instead of grey. This unifies the design with the small windows which have a black frame around.


  • Scale: 1/100
  • Length: 50cm (20 inches)
  • Hull diameter: 9cm (3.5 inches)
  • Wingspan: 18cm (7 inches)


  • All the engines light up
  • The windows light up
  • The 4 fins move

Included in the kit:

  • The 3d printed parts for the ship itself including the internal mechanics
  • The LEDs for the engines and windows
  • The servomotors for the 4 fins
  • The control board and microcontrollers with the firmware already installed
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Two stands: one horizontal display and one vertical display


  • No painting needed, but you have to solder the LEDs and control board.
  • Some parts must be glued together.
  • The assembly manual will be available as a PDF to download.
  • Basic model-making skills and soldering skills is required.
  • You should be able to assemble the kit in 2 days.


The kit comes with a 5V power adapter.


When you power up Starship, all the lights turn on. After about 10 s the fins start moving for 2 mins, then stop for 28 min. The cycle repeats every 30 min.

When Starship is connected to a computer via the USB cable, you can control the servomotors and the lights using a dedicated software. The software allows you to:

  • Finely tune the motion range of the servomotors
  • Manually move the fins
  • Change the color of the lights
  • Manually switch on/off the lights

How to get one

Purchase your Starship kit from the online shop.


Kits are shipped from Japan by EMS. I will notify you the tracking number once the parcel has shipped. Delivery time is under one week for most of the world.


Kit assembly manual (2020/02/15)

Starship Control (Win64 installer)